About Us


Linus Learning combines cutting-edge technology with traditional publishing values, to produce books that are among the best in the industry. In addition to trade books, both fiction and nonfiction, we are dedicated to bringing out high-quality educational materials, including textbooks, case books, lab manuals, and anthologies. As experts in the field of custom publishing, we are committed to meeting your needs by offering flexible, creative, and reliable choices for your materials.

As a group of academics and business people, Linus Learning understands the need to balance developing the perfect product with “getting the thing into print.” Our state-of–the-art technology allows not only for last-minute changes, but for yearly changes and editions, as new research appears and new ideas come to fruition.

Our books reflect the best combination of appeal and technology, depth and imagination. Whether this is your first or your tenth book, we can work closely with you in every area of development: helping you customize content and layout, suggesting additional information to supplement your material (if needed), and providing those design and editing features that enhance the presentation of your topic.

All our services make your information easier to understand and remember. We can help make your material more interesting and, believe it or not, even enjoyable.